SAFE: Smart, Authenticated, Fast Exams

Transform the Conduct of Exams, Classes

We believe in transforming the conduct of exams, as well as lectures and classroom teaching, through the effective use of technology.

We have developed SAFE, a smart-phone app-based system to conduct easy, cheating-free e-exams in proctored venues.

SAFE can transform your exams and classes in several ways:

  • Continuous assessment through short quizzes: You can conduct short quizzes, as easy as asking a verbal question in class. These help in instant feedback to the student as well as teacher.
  • Easy, paper-free objective exams: Get rid of the hassle of printing and manual evaluation. With SAFE, conducting objective exams is paper-free and cheating-free.
  • Check mental presence: Are your students mentally present? Have they grasped what you just taught? With a short SAFE-quiz in the class, get instant feedback; you don't need sophisticated hardware clicker devices!
  • Surveys and polls: SAFE eases the conduct of surveys or polls, with configurable anonymity for those answering.
  • Simple steps to use SAFE:

    1. Authority (teacher) uploads exam on server
    2. Authority shares quiz-id at venue
    3. Candidates (students) authenticate through SAFE smart-phone app, download exam
    4. Candidates attempt exam and submit
    5. Instant consolidated marklist, feedback

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    Usage of SAFE thus far:
    1. 200+ in-class quizzes in 17 IITB courses in the last 3 years: CS305, CS224m, CS224, CS743, CL302, CS641, BB101, CL692, HS309, CS742, CS416m
    2. IITB CSE MTech RA pre-interview screening test (184 candidates)
    3. Jun-Aug'17: Sessional exams in 4 departments of GHRCE, Nagpur
    4. Oct'17: Sessional exams in 6 departments of GHRCE, Pune
    5. Entrance test for foreign language course, advanced English
    6. Pre-interview screening: Mojo Networks
    7. Evaluation tests: Pratham Education Foundation
    8. Repurposed for feedback/survey: Drupal & WiFi-KS workshops, course feedback
    • Quiz/exam durations: 5min, 20min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min
    • Student/instructor feedback: very positive

    SAFE: Smart, Authenticated, Fast Exams
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