Transform the Conduct of Exams, Classes

SAFE Features

  1. Types of questions:
    • Multiple choice, single correct
    • Multiple choice, multiple correct
    • Integer answer
    • Real number answer
    • String answer
    • Manual answer: candidate can write on paper, take a snap and submit
  2. Features related to questions and answers:
    • Math equations in questions, options
    • Embedded image in questions
    • Reason text (variable length), for all question types (not evaluated objectively)
  3. Exam related features:
    • Configurable exam duration
    • Optional visual password for high security
    • Randomization of question order (configurable)
    • Randomization of option order (configurable)
    • Question modules (order preserved across sub-questions of question module)
    • Configurable marks per question
    • Optional negative marking
    • Optionally, enable candidates to view marks at the end of the exam
    • Optionally, enable candidates to view answers at the end of the exam
  4. Dashboard features for exam authority during exam:
    • Bird's eye view of candidates' status: logged in, attempting, finished
    • Warnings and alerts for security of exam, reports of cheating attempts
    • Print exam paper as PDF
    • Print partial submission of any candidate as PDF
  5. Post-exam features for exam authority:
    • Per-candidate, per-question marks download
    • Re-evaluate with answer-key change, if necessary
    • Manual correction of subjective question types
    • Instant statistics and graphs, for each objective question
    • Detailed logs for post-exam analysis