Use Cases

  1. Attendance: Quick, proxy-free attendance marking.
  2. Continuous assessment through short quizzes: You can conduct short quizzes, as easy as asking a verbal question in class. These help in instant feedback to the student as well as teacher.
  3. Easy, paper-free objective exams: Get rid of the hassle of printing and manual evaluation. With SAFE, conducting objective exams is paper-free and cheating-free.
  4. Online correction of regular subjective exams: Student answers subjective question on paper, scans and uploads. Teacher or teaching assistants can manage all correction online: no manual touching of student's paper during correction. SAFE supports answer rubrics: reuse comments/feedback from previous students' answer corrections. For more details: SAFE-contact-free-exam.pdf
  5. Check mental presence: Are your students mentally present? Have they grasped what you just taught? With a short SAFE-quiz in the class, get instant feedback; you don't need sophisticated hardware clicker devices!
  6. Classroom mode: The teacher can require students to keep their phones in “classroom mode” of the SAFE app, during which the phone can be used only for SAFE attendance/quiz but not for other apps.
  7. Surveys and polls: SAFE eases the conduct of surveys or polls, with configurable anonymity for those answering.

Simple steps to use SAFE

  1. Authority (teacher) uploads exam on server
  2. SAFE app on candidates' (students') smart-phones downloads encrypted exam
  3. Authority shares decryption password at venue, to start exam
  4. Candidates attempt exam and submit
  5. Instant consolidated marklist, feedback

Usage of SAFE thus far:

  1. 400+ in-class quizzes in 50+ IITB courses across 10+ departments in the last 4 years:
    CS305, CS224m, CS224, CS743, CL302, CS641, BB101, CL692, HS309, CS742, CS416m, etc.
  2. 30+ other colleges used SAFE in 2019 for quizzes/attendance
  3. May'19: IITB IEOR MTech pre-interview screening test (~250 candidates)
  4. May'16: IITB CSE MTech RA pre-interview screening test (184 candidates)
  5. Jun-Aug'17: Sessional exams in 4 departments of GHRCE, Nagpur
  6. Oct'17: Sessional exams in 6 departments of GHRCE, Pune
  7. Entrance test for foreign language course, advanced English
  8. Pre-interview screening: Mojo Networks
  9. Evaluation tests: Pratham Education Foundation
  10. Repurposed for feedback/survey: Drupal & WiFi-KS workshops, course feedback

Testimonials by SAFE users

“I use SAFE in place of attendance to check the mental, rather than the physical presence of students in my class. Regular in-class SAFE quizzes has increased the alertness of students in my classes. I find SAFE quizzes particularly useful for large classes. The instant distribution of marks per question helps me get topic-wise timely feedback on my teaching.”

- Prof. Sunita Sarawagi Dept of CSE, IIT Bombay

“We used SAFE for class of about 140+ students. We used it for attendance as well as weekly quizzes. SAFE app worked quite reliably. We haven't had any major hiccups except for the very first attempt when we were figuring out the mechanics. SAFE methodology is very efficient as I could conduct quiz for 140+ students in exactly 10 minutes and get started with lecture. Having quizzes every week forced all the students to review the lecture material regularly. Thank you for SAFE.”

- Prof. Rajesh Zele Dept of EE, IIT Bombay

“SAFE saved my life in Fall 2019. I had a graduate elective with an unexpectedly large class of 60+, and TA support was inadequate. The support from the SAFE team was absolutely stellar. No question about SAFE was too silly or annoying, I got responses in less than an hour any time of the day! The app, network and database back end parts seem solid. Better LaTeX and math support would make it perfect.”

- Prof. Soumen Chakrabarti Dept of CSE, IIT Bombay

“I found SAFE to be a very robust yet convenient tool for short and regular quizzes. Interface to create questions through csv upload and automatic mark calculation are great time savers.”

- Prof. Tom Mathew Dept of CE, IIT Bombay, and IIT Palakkad

“It was nice initiative by team IITB. Its really techno-savvy solution for marking the attendance and also for taking quizzes easily.”

- Prof. Abhishek Ladole Dept of CSE, P R POTE COEM, Amravati

“The SAFE app is what the institute needs for every course. It serves so many purposes. I was able to run the tests for French and German Language with such ease.”

- Shubham Gupta Institute Secretary of International Relations, IIT Bombay.

“The novel SAFE App is an effective tool designed to enhance the learning experience of our students. It makes the lectures more interactive and engaging. It also provides a worthy measure of the understanding level of the students, which in turn helps them to plan ahead.”

- Prof. Mayurappriyan Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore

“We successfully conducted weekly SAFE quizzes for EE-340, a core course for all EE undergraduates. Quizzes were taken weekly by 130+ students and it proved very effective in comparison to regular paper quizzes.”

- Pankaj Singh Research Assistant, Dept of EE, IIT Bombay

“SAFE is a good tool for taking attendance in class and conducting QUIZ so that our class is more interactive and in blended mode. I have used the tool and find it effective for quiz conduction. The configuration is quite simple and students have also enjoyed it. The students strength was approx 55-58 in every batch while conduction and it was smooth.”

- Prof. Megha Kamble Dept of CSE, LNCT, Bhopal